Study reveals the recipe for the perfect drink

26th September, 2018 by Owen Bellwood

A new report commissioned by mixer manufacturer Franklin & Sons asked 1,000 UK adults what they look for in the perfect drinking experience.

Franklin & Sons has sought to uncover what UK drinkers look for in the perfect cocktail

In the survey, conducted by Census Wide, drinkers cited quality service, the use of on-trend ingredients and social media response as the elements that make the UK’s top drinking experience.

Imbibers said they look for drinks with ingredients such as matcha tea and lavender, as well as herbal-infused ice cubes. It also found that the perfect drink should receive as many as 74 likes when posted to social media sites, including Instagram.

As part of the study, Franklin & Sons discovered that drinkers in Norwich are the most image conscious, looking to receive 157 Instagram likes on their drinks posts – while cocktail fans in Plymouth look to gain just 28.

The study also found that 46% of under 35s are likely to order a mocktail on an evening, compared with only a sixth of over 35s.

As part of the report, Franklin & Sons also discovered that younger generations are more likely to pay as much as £15 for a single cocktail compared to older drinkers.

Jen Draper, head of marketing at Franklin & Sons, said: “We are seeing a definite shift in the way people drink. The previous norm of a few pints on a night out is clearly becoming a thing of the past, with the younger generations willing to spend more for their perfect serve – drinks with premium, on-trend ingredients, delivered through exceptional service.

“This is now the benchmark for an ideal night out among the younger generations, irrespective of whether they are drinking alcohol or not.”

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