Should bartenders use hand-carved ice?

10th September, 2018 by admin

Is hand-cut ice better than machine-made versions, or is it too laborious to deal with? Two leading bartenders take to their soapboxes.


Should bartenders use hand-carved ice, or does machine-made suffice?

As the bartending community looks to high quality local and seasonal ingredients, is it time they paid more attention to the unsung hero of the cocktail world – ice?

Used to chill and dilute cocktails, ice is an essential ingredient behind any bar. But dig a little deeper into the seemingly simple world of ice and you’ll soon find that there are myriad different styles, and equally differing levels of quality.

There’s an undeniable sophistication that comes with hand-carved ice blocks – but is the quality truly superior to that of machine-made cubes?

The practicality of hand-cut ice is also worth considering – particularly for high-volume bars. Would consumers be willing to wait a little longer for their drinks on the promise of a hand-chiseled cubes?

There are many questions to be asked. So without further ado, let the debate commence: should bartenders use hand-carved ice?

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