Gŏng launches Miscellany of Inventions menu

20th September, 2018 by Nicola Carruthers

The Shangri-La Hotel’s Gŏng bar, located 52 floors above ground level at London’s The Shard, has unveiled a new cocktail menu that “explores the ingenious inventions” of the world today.

Look No Hands is inspired by the invention of the bicycle

The new menu, called A Miscellany of Inventions, looks at the “incredible innovations that have impacted society and transformed the world we live in today”.

Each drink on the list has been inspired by the creativity of inventors and honours innovations such as the first tractor and the creation of penicillin.

Christian Maspes, head bartender at Gŏng bar, said: “The cocktails bring to life inventions that have been real breakthroughs. It is hard to imagine the world we know today without screwdrivers and computers, and movies and guitars.

“Creating a new invention is like taking a leap of faith and being open to the possibilities, and the same goes for the creation of a new cocktail. We really enjoyed bringing our ideas to life and we look forward to entertaining our guests with our unique creations.”

A Miscellany of Inventions is divided into five categories and includes 15 cocktails, three of which are alcohol-free.

Drinks on the menu include Look No Hands, created in honour of Karl Von Drais, inventor of the bike. The cocktail combines Copper Dog Whisky, triple sec, an IPA reduction and Fernet-Branca.

The menu also features Chopper 52, created to honour the invention of the helicopter. The drink combines tomato water with Erba Cedrina, salty citrus and vodka infused with rosemary.

Cocktails on the new menu are priced from £17, while non-alcoholic serves are priced at £11.

Click through the following pages to see a selection of cocktails featured on Gŏng’s new menu.

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