AC Hotels turns to science for custom G&T glass

26th September, 2018 by Owen Bellwood

AC Hotels by Marriott has partnered with Bacardi and photographer Nigel Barker to create a G&T glass designed to “heighten taste, aroma and palate”.

AC Hotels Gin Tonic glass has been developed in partnership with photographer Nigel Barker

The AC Gin Tonic glass, which will be available from National Gin Day (19 October), has been in development for nearly three years.

Barker said: “Growing up in Europe where the combination of gin and tonic is viewed with upmost reverence, my design was inspired by a glass I bought in Biot, France, at the age of 22.”

Created in partnership with a number of food and nutrition scientists, the glass features three etched bands circling the glass, which serve as measuring guides for the gin, tonic and ice.

The glass bottom has been designed to keep the contents colder for longer, while the narrow design minimises the loss of carbon dioxide to keep the tonic bubbly. The custom glass has been hand-blown by sculptural glass artist Adam Walmon.

AC Hotels has also partnered with Bacardi to create a “unique” tonic recipe to pair with Bombay Sapphire East Gin. The tonic water is a combination of exotic ingredients from around the world, including Thai lemongrass and Vietnamese black peppercorn.

“As a brand that prides itself on obsessing over the details, we are proud to unveil AC Hotels’ carefully crafted Gin Tonic glass and signature cocktail, which evokes the European soul of the brand,” said Benoit Racle, senior global brand director for AC Hotels by Marriott.

“The artistry of Bacardi’s House of Bombay Gins, in concert with the scientific expertise used to create the glass and Nigel’s keen eye for design ties together to ensure our guests will enjoy a gin [and] tonic like they have never experienced before.”

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