Ryan Reynolds: ‘Liquor industry is hardcore’

16th August, 2018 by Amy Hopkins

Actor Ryan Reynolds has shed some light on his purchase of Aviation American Gin during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, when he likened the “hardcore” world of spirits to the film industry.

Reynolds and Fallon playing ‘Drinko’

Reynolds acquired Aviation gin, a pioneer in the American craft distilling movement, in February this year.

Made in Portland, Oregon, Aviation was founded as part of a collaboration between bartender Ryan Magarian and House Spirits Distillery. The brand was later sold to US importer Davos Brands.

Speaking to Fallon, Reynolds said he first tasted Aviation in a Negroni at a Vancouver restaurant, which he said was “the best Negroni I ever had in my life”. The Deadpool actor then met the team at the “tiny” company and “weaselled” his way in as an owner.

Reynolds acquired Aviation American Gin earlier this year

Reynolds joked: “I really know nothing about gin. If I ran the company for real it would be on fire.” However, he added that he has a “genuine responsibility” at the company and travels to meet buyers across the US.

Despite likening the spirits and film industries as “based on relationships and handshakes”, Reynolds said he found it “ironic” that in the drinks “you actually have to be accountable”.

He said: “In the film business, you can go out for a night of drinking and, you know, miss work because you fell asleep on a stove, and no-one’s gonna really do much about it. But in the liquor industry it’s hardcore. You don’t mess up with those guys.”

However, Reynolds’ comment that American gin is “a little smoother” than its “British counterparts” and a “little more drinkable” may not be concurred by all.

Click on the video below to see Reynolds and Fallon combining ‘mixers’ such as Twinkies and horseradish with Aviation in a game of ‘Drinko’.

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