Dornoch Distillery turns to crowdfunding

9th August, 2018 by Owen Bellwood

Highland gin and Scotch whisky maker Dornoch Distillery has launched its latest crowdfunding campaign in a bid to increase production.

Dornoch Distillery has turned to crowdfunding as it looks to expand

The distillery, which began producing its spirit in December 2016, currently produces Thompson Bros Organic Highland Gin and spirit for maturation to become Scotch whisky.

Dornoch Distillery’s latest round of crowdfunding aims to raise sufficient capital to move the distillery to a larger site just 200 metres away.

The larger site will give the brand room to house its existing production equipment and to install more fermenters and a new mash tun. In a statement on its crowdfunding page, the distillery says the development will “alleviate production choke points and allow us to ferment and distil more often and more consistently”.

As part of the latest crowdfunding campaign whisky fans are able to purchase their own casks of whisky from the Highland distillery, including 50-litre ex-Bourbon casks and 100-litre ex-Bourbon casks seasoned with oloroso Sherry.

Once this latest round of crowdfunding is concluded, the distillery aims to begin construction work on the new site in November 2018.

The distillery’s statement continues: “We’ve worked hard to get to this point. We’ve gone from an embryonic concept to real products and maturing distillate within the space of two years.

‘We’ve assembled a brilliant and highly skilled team with people working tirelessly to ensure a smooth running business. We’ve achieved a lot, but we couldn’t have done it without all of our original crowdfunders.’

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