Bimber Distillery exceeds sales targets

7th August, 2018 by Owen Bellwood

London-based Bimber Distillery is celebrating the success of its London Classics range after sales exceeded Q1 and Q2 targets.

Bimber Distillery’s London Classics range includes a vodka and gin

Bimber Distillery launched the London Classics range in January 2018, with the hope of “shaking up the house pour category”.

The range, which includes a vodka and gin expression, has exceeded the brands predictions, selling 25,000 700ml bottles so far with confirmed contracts for a further 30,000 bottles.

Adam Trethewy, head of sales at Bimber Distillery, said: “Both the trade and consumers are ready to challenge the status-quo of the mainstream brands that dominate [the house pour category].

“At Bimber we worked tirelessly to produce the highest quality spirit possible – in our Classic London Vodka & Gin – instead of spending millions on advertising and promotion, we have been able to get to a price point to really challenge these established global brands.”

The London Classics are produced in small batches, with every bottle distilled, packaged and labelled at Bimber Distillery’s west London site.

Bimber aimed to lower the price of the expressions by saving costs on the bottle, cork and labels, without cutting corners on the quality of the spirit.

Trethewy added: “As we see a shift in consumer attitudes against mass production and consumption, there is a revolution happening across the globe that is reviving old customs and traditions with a focus on locally produced products that are hand crafted from the highest quality ingredients.”

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