William Grant & Sons’ top consumer trends

16th July, 2018 by Amy Hopkins

William Grant & Sons has identified a new type of spirits drinker – ‘the active-ist consumer’ – in its latest Market Report, in which the group expounds a number of trends driving purchasing decisions in the UK.

The report contains analysis and data to highlight what trends are impacting the UK spirits market, which is now worth £10.5 billion (US$14bn).

“A new movement is on the rise: they are purposeful, they are connected and they are empowered,” Neil Barker, managing director of William Grant & Sons UK and Ireland, said of what the group has dubbed the ‘active-ist’ consumer.

William Grant & Sons UK’s eighth Market Report has shed further light on this notion, claiming such consumers are using their “choices, voice and purchasing power with purpose to drive progression”.

They are “a new breed of digitally-sophisticated, socially-conscious, and sustainability-expectant people,” according to Barker. “They are more willing and determined than ever to improve their world – and they expect the brands and channels they choose to align with their thinking.”

Active-ist consumers, according to William Grant & Sons, share three key characteristics. They are: digitally sophisticated ‘data miners’, ‘impact purchasers’ who use their purchasing decisions as a force for social good, and ‘experience optimisers’.

“Our extensive research and analysis led us to coin the phrase ‘the active-ist consumer’ for a new generation which is incredibly aware of its collective consumer power and its ability to drive change at scale and pace,” said Caspar MacRae, marketing director for William Grant & Sons UK and Ireland.

“From the #MeToo movement to single-use plastics, these consumers are determined to make very different choices to positively impact their world.

“With a very real level of expectation, brands and organisations will need to continuously innovate and adapt their experiences, ingredients and communications to ensure they meet the needs of this very discerning and powerful group.”

William Grant & Sons has identified seven lifestyle trends that offer a “deeper understanding” of the social environment that has led to the creation of ‘the active-ist consumer’. Find out more about them over the following pages.

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