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25th July, 2018 by admin

Hamburg may play second fiddle to Germany’s capital, Berlin, but it is an excellent destination for the discerning drinker, writes James Lawrence.

*This feature was originally published in the March 2018 issue of The Spirits Business

Let’s deal with the drawbacks first: Hamburg’s inclement weather makes Manchester look like a sun­-drenched paradise, while arch rival Berlin greedily devours the best of Germany’s bartending talent. But these are minor quibbles compared with what’s on offer in the city where both The Beatles and melancholic Brahms honed their skills.

Hamburg’s nightlife scene is young and dynamic, and also as old as its historic harbour. Underground and above ground, in the skies and on water, the city’s diverse and exciting bar scene can easily compete with the world’s best.

The infamous red light district of St Pauli is one of the most popular places in Europe for a raucous night out. The Reeperbahn is home to strip joints, neon lights and stag parties galore, but there is a certain appeal to the madness and frenetic energy of the wider St Pauli area on a Saturday night – although discerning cocktail lovers should probably look elsewhere.

The nearby district of Sternschanze offers a much more sedate, sophisticated vibe. Just a few streets beyond Sternschanze you’ll find the multi­cultural Karoviertel, renowned for its trendy cafés and cocktail bars – a million miles away from the tourist cliché that is the Reeperbahn.

Naturally, Hamburg also boasts its fair share of luxury hotels, complete with obligatory cocktail bars and international bartenders. However, unlike in some other cities, the five-star hotels in Hamburg do not boast the monopoly on upscale mixology – classy décor and bespoke creations can be found all over the city, including the legendary Goldfischglas and Le Lion Bar de Paris.

But even if this doesn’t satisfy your needs (unlikely though that is), the River Elbe offers even more options, with numerous ships serving as floating bars and clubs. The Feuerschiff – a former lightship – is renowned for its excellent live music, while MS Stubnitz – a relic of the Cold War – now serves as a floating music club. Proof indeed that when it comes to varied nightlife, Hamburg has few peers.

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2 Responses to “Top 5 bars in… Hamburg”

  1. I really appreciate the idea of summing up the bars of a major city and squeeze all into a Top5 ranking. But this list really shows no logic to me and after all does not represent the best bars in Hamburg. I am 100% aware, that there are always some new openings, closings, new bar menus, staff changes and awards presented. Also it is true that every author puts in his or hers personal opinion, even if trying to be neutral.
    Here is my list of bars to consider instead:
    Bar DaCaio in Hotel The George – one of the best hotel bars in Germany, vibrant with style
    Dripbar in St.Pauli – slow dripping spirits with a lot of passion for new recipes and homemade taste
    Walrus Bar in St.Pauli – classic drinks with a twist, downstairs second bar with own seasonal menu
    On top of that new hotel bars opened recently in The Fontenay Hotel and The Tortue Hotel. Both are worth a visit.



  2. Mr. Noodle says:

    I agree with Jan… Hamburg is a big city and I guess it’s impossible to choose Top5 bars. Based on what the choice was made? I know that a lot of people have bars and restaurants as investment asset, some of them you can see on Tranio for sale in Berlin, some you can buy or rent. But how can you detect which one is the best? By the amount of people? By average price? By location?

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