The Gin Masters 2018 results

5th July, 2018 by Amy Hopkins


Company Product Medal
Quintessential Brands Greenall’s London Dry Gin Silver


Company Product Medal
Blackwater Distillery Boyle’s Gin Gold
Spiritual Spirits Portage Dry Gin Gold

Super Premium

Company Product Medal
Herbie Gin Herbie Gin Export Master
Glasgow Distillery Company Makar Original Dry Gin Master
Atom Brands Moonshot Gin (That Boutique­-y Gin Company) Master
Atom Brands Chocolate Orange Gin (That Boutique-­y Gin Company) Master
Atlantic Galician Spirits Nordés Gin Gold
Dublin City Gin Company Dublin City Gin – Dublin Cut Gold
Amsterdam Craft Gin Company Gin 1689 Gold
Quintessential Brands Thomas Dakin Gin Gold
The Welsh Whisky Company Brecon Botanical Gin Gold
Atom Brands Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin Gold
Mercury Spirits VII Hills Italian Dry Gin Gold
Erste Maennerhobby Foerster’s Heide Gin Gold
The Reformed Spirits Company Martin Miller’s Gin Silver
Spirit of the Lakes Bedrock Gin Silver
Four Pillars Distillery Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin Silver
The York Gin Company York Gin Silver
Bramley & Gage 6 O’Clock Gin Silver
Atom Brands Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin – Cask­Aged Silver
Nyborg Destilleri Dew 87° Gin Silver
Tigre Blanc Paris Bartolomeo Silver
Beg Boutique Distillery Beg Gin Silver
Famille Naud Master Distillers Naud Distilled Gin Silver
Kalevala Distillery Kalevala Distilled Gin Silver
Kyrö Distillery Company Kyrö Napue Rye Gin Silver
Atom Brands Yuzu Gin (That Boutique­-y Gin Company) Silver

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