Drinks Industry Group of Ireland appoints Garth as chair

5th July, 2018 by Nicola Carruthers

Trade body the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland (DIGI) has appointed Irish Distillers’ Rosemary Garth as chairperson.

Rosemary Garth is the new chairperson of Drinks Industry Group of Ireland

Rosemary Garth is the new chairperson of Drinks Industry Group of Ireland

Garth, who is currently communications and corporate affairs director at Pernod Ricard’s Irish Distillers unit, will be taking over from Heineken Ireland’s Maggie Timoney.

Timoney will be moving to the US to become chief executive officer at Heineken USA.

The DIGI is the umbrella organisation for the drinks and hospitality industry in Ireland, and includes the Alcohol Beverage Federation of Ireland.

“I look forward to taking up this position at such an important and exciting time for the industry,” said Garth.

“The drinks and hospitality sector continues to contribute significantly to Ireland. The industry is among the largest employers in the country and much of this employment is based in rural towns and villages.

“We need to ensure the sector and these jobs are protected and further development in the industry is encouraged.

“Central to this is delivering policy measures which are favourable and which support growth. Through our Support Your Local campaign, DIGI is seeking a reduction in Ireland’s high excise tax rate.

“Ireland currently has the second highest overall excise tax in the EU, behind only Finland. We have the highest excise tax on wine, the second highest on beer, and the third highest on spirits. This is an anti-competitive tax on an industry that is creating new businesses, that is innovating and adding and maintaining jobs in the rural economy.”

Spirits consumption in Ireland increased by 3.6% last year, with the category making up 19.8% of the country’s alcohol market, according to a DIGI report.

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