Dead Rabbit to reopen on 19 July after fire

6th July, 2018 by Melita Kiely

Acclaimed bar The Dead Rabbit has confirmed it will reopen on 19 July following a fire last weekend that caused “considerable” damage to the premises.


The Dead Rabbit will reopen on 19 July following a fire

A blaze broke out on Sunday morning in the bar’s kitchen causing the venue to close – but nobody was injured during the incident.

In an update posted on the bar’s social media pages, The Dead Rabbit confirmed the kitchen had been “destroyed” and the back of house areas had been “badly affected” by the fire.

The statement said: “As every fighter knows, it’s not getting knocked down that matters. It’s getting back up. Yes, we took a hit at the weekend when the fire destroyed our old kitchen and badly affected some back of house areas. There’s water and smoke damage elsewhere. But we’re doing what we always do. We’re getting back up – stronger than ever.

“In two weeks today, on Thursday July 19th, The Dead Rabbit will be open again. We’ve rallied our equipment suppliers, contractors, pulled in a favour or two and we’ll get it done.

“We won’t have a full kitchen for a while yet, but you’ll never go hungry in The Dead Rabbit – so we’ve put together a killer all-day cold plate menu. Other than that it’s mayhem as usual.

“Hurricane Sandy had NYC in its grip the day we were first scheduled to open. Everyone told us to postpone. We went ahead. It worked out OK. So we were born in a hurricane, and forged in a fire.

“We’ve been moved by the messages of support and encouragement we’ve had from all the world. They feed the fighting spirit. Thank you, one and all.”

Praise for “hero” staff member

Earlier this week, The Dead Rabbit praised the “quick thinking” of its porter and food runner “hero” Steve (whose surname was not disclosed), who was the one to discover the fire on Sunday morning.


Steve, of The Dead Rabbit, has been called a “hero” for his quick thinking after discovering the fire

Steve turned off the gas and heat before calling the emergency services and exiting the building.

The Dead Rabbit said: “Meet Steve – student physical therapist and full-time hero. He works at The Dead Rabbit as a porter and food runner and had just started his shift at 6am on Sunday when he discovered the fire.

“He had the presence of mind to turn off the gas and heat, call 911 and get out. Steve’s quick thinking saved the building from burning to the ground – taking the jobs of around 90 people with it.

“Steve is a modest, quiet guy who moved from Utah here to NYC, where his mother lives. He just wants to get on with his work, do a good job and go home to study.

“Like all true heroes, he doesn’t want anyone to make a fuss. Sorry, Steve, but one way or another a fuss will definitely be made.”

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