Whisky Shop owner profits grow £500,000

11th June, 2018 by Melita Kiely

GlenKeir Whiskies, owner of The Whisky Shop retail chain, has reported a pre-tax profit increase of more than £500,000 (US$667,805) for its 2018 fiscal year.


The Whisky Shop store in Manchester, England

The company’s financial results for the year ending 31 January 2018 showed a steep increase in profits before tax to reach £506,008 – up from £3,795 in 2017.

Operating profit for the year reached £595,262, compared to £103,897 for the previous year.

After tax and expenses, overall profit for the 2018 financial year was reported at £404,307.

GlenKeir Whiskies operates The Whisky Shop stores across the UK, including premises in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, London and Brighton.

In the company’s strategic report published on Company’s House, Ian Bankier, director of GlenKeir Whiskies, wrote: “We believe that the company can meet key business risks of competition, both local and international, and also of employee retention.”

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