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14th June, 2018 by admin

It may not be the prettiest place to visit, but vibrant Mexico City is a hot spot when the sun goes down. James Lawrence raises a glass to a good-time capital.

*This feature was originally published in the February 2018 issue of The Spirits Business

It’s not beautiful. It has a reputation for street crime – although greatly diminished – and horrendous traffic congestion. It’s not short on attractions, but it has no Colosseum, no London Eye, no Louvre. So why, when there are so many enticing options out there, would anyone choose to visit Mexico City?

The simple answer is alegría (happiness), which reaches its apogée during a night out in Central America’s most dynamic city. While Mexico City lacks the architectural splendour and refinement of, say, Buenos Aires, it more than compensates with a legendary nightlife scene that starts on Thursday afternoon and rolls on until Monday morning. Locals often refer to Thursday as ‘little Friday’, which begins with the obligatory precopeo, or ‘pre­-drinking’.

This is an essential part of any night out in Mexico City; it involves meeting at a friend’s place or bar to sip Tequila and prepare yourself for the long period of indulgence ahead. Despite its sharp skew towards partying and clubbing, Mexico City also caters to discerning sybarites, and boasts numerous upscale cocktail bars and designer haunts.

As well as the city’s luxury hotels, the upmarket districts of Polanco and Santa Fe are also good places to seek out bespoke cocktails, while La Roma is a hipster’s paradise. Condesa and Zona Rosa are tourist beacons, but justifiably so, as they contain the city’s best examples of Art Deco architecture, and today serve as a meeting place for the city’s vibrant gay community. Hell, even Chinese restaurants are in on the act; one famous venue in the district of San Ángel transforms into a clandestine dance hall, after the last diner has gone home, of course.

It’s a cliché, sure, but a cliché that works for this multifaceted city: there really is something for everyone in La Ciudad de Mexico

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