Little Red Door unveils ‘philosophical’ cocktail list

4th June, 2018 by Nicola Carruthers

Paris-based bar Little Red Door has launched a new cocktail menu inspired by the “philosophical concept of universal values”.

The ‘Strength’ cocktail is inspired by a dam in Scotland

The new menu takes inspiration from the world of philosopher Shalom H Schwartz and explores the “way all humans think and feel, regardless of culture or demographic”.

To create the emotive list, the team combined creativity with personal experience.

The team create 10 drinks each inspired by the values: strength, stimulation, hedonism, achievement, conformity, benevolence, self-direction, tradition, security and universalism.

The menu is presented in the style of a surrealist children’s story book. Illustrated by Laura Sheldon, each cocktail is presented behind a fold out door.

Rory Shepherd, head of operations and creativity said: “We’ve always made it our mission at Little Red Door to create cocktails that tell emotive stories and challenge perceptions whilst remaining accessible and simple in their delivery.

“We have a large international audience at the bar; a concept such as Universal Values which transcends cultures and geographical locations gave us a great starting point to create an accessible menu.

“It offers layers that guests can discuss or explore, or not, and they just enjoy a great tasty drink!”

Over the following pages we reveal a selection of cocktails on the new menu. 

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