Jägermeister launches first cocktail competition

13th June, 2018 by Owen Bellwood

Jägermeister has launched its first cocktail competition, which is designed to change how people perceive the herbal liqueur.

Jägermeister UK brand ambassador Florian Beuren has launched the liqueur’s first cocktail competition

The Meister Hunter competition is open to the UK on-trade, and invites have already been sent out to bartenders encouraging them to participate in the inaugural event.

Jägermeister UK brand ambassador, Florian Beuren, said the competition was an opportunity for the liqueur to change people’s perceptions.

“It’s all about the perception of the brand,” Beuren said. “People always think of Jägermeister as a shot and the Jägerbomb. Yes we are a shot brand and that is our core push but, being a herbal liqueur means there isn’t really a category for us. I think the closest category we fit into would be an amaro.”

The competition invites bartenders to create a cocktail using at least 25ml of Jägermeister, as well as one other spirit and two other ingredients – which can include herbs, eggs, sodas and jams.

“I’ve been competing for years and years and we have great competitions like Diageo World Class or Bacardi Legacy, but I think when you follow our competition it’s a bit different,” Beuren added.

“Jägermeister has always been a friend of the bartender, so we wanted to give them something back and make them feel a bit special – which they are.”

For Beuren, the competition is a chance to tell consumers more about the brand, something he thinks Jägermeister has struggled to do in the past.

He continued: “Jägermeister is now seen as a shot, but when you look at Tequila back in the day it was always seen as a shot but now has cocktails like the Margarita and it is more premium. I think this is something we should not forget.”

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