Dubonnet Rouge relaunches with new look and recipe

29th June, 2018 by Amy Hopkins

As the apéritif trend takes hold, Heaven Hill Brands is set to relaunch Dubonnet Rouge with an updated packaging design and recipe.

Dubonnet Rouge has been given a refresh by owner Heaven Hill Brands

Launching next month (July), Dubonnet Rouge continues to feature cinchona bark as a key ingredient, along with a base wine of Muscat of Alexandria, herbs, spices and pure sugar cane.

The new bottle design is inspired by Dubonnet’s image in the 1940s and features the cat of Sir Dubonnet’s wife.

Sir Joseph Dubonnet, a Paris pharmacist and wine merchant, developed a fortified-wine apéritif that contained cinchona in the 19th century.

“As a family-owned and operated company with a legacy of nurturing legitimate brands with authentic history, we are excited to return to tradition with Dubonnet,” said Lynn House, Heaven Hill Brands national brand educator.

“The new Dubonnet formula offers a complex, well balanced cocktail companion backed by the highest standards of quality for more than 170 years.”

Dubonnet Rouge will be available in 750ml and one-litre bottles with an abv of 19% and a suggested retail price of US$17.99.

2 Responses to “Dubonnet Rouge relaunches with new look and recipe”

  1. Cynthia Chamberlain says:

    New Dubonnet formula is terrible! As a Dubonnet Rouge drinker since the 1960’s, I am so disappointed! It was my favorite drink. It no longer has the wonderful flavor and tastes watered down. Tastes like there is too much of one ingredient or more. I am.sure the Queen Mother won’t like this version. To top it off, I have paid $13 including tax for years. Now the price including tax is $20. One store charged me $23 with tax. So disappointed! Will no longer pay the new price for a lesser product! I have introduced many friends to Dubonnet over the years and they feel the same way. I have 4 stores in my general area that I have talked into buying Dubonnet since I buy so much!

    Is there anywhere I can purchase the old formula in cases? Please let me know ASAP!

    Sorry for the terrible review, but I am so upset! PLEASE GO BACK TO THE OLD FORMULA! I even liked the old bottle better, but can live with the bottle if you go back to the old formula!

    Thank you.


    Cynthia A Chamberlain

  2. Maureen McCarthy says:

    I agree 100%. The new recipe for Dubonnet is terrible. You’re right in that there’s too much of some ingredient and it’s too sweet. I’ve been drinking Dubonnet since the early ’70’s, but I think I’m going to have to find a new favorite.

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