Hayman’s invites trade to debate safeguarding gin

9th May, 2018 by Melita Kiely

Following the launch of the Call Time on Fake Gin campaign last month, Hayman’s is planning a series of debates starting with the question: what is gin – and how can we protect it?


Hayman’s plans to debate how gin can be better protected

The English gin producer is inviting other distillers, retailers, bar managers, commentators and those keen to “protect” the gin category to join the debate on 6 September 2018, which will take place at the Hayman’s Distillery in London.

James Hayman, fifth generation of the family of distillers, said: “Just over a week ago we launched our Call Time on Fake Gin campaign to build awareness of the growing issue of products marketed as gins that have little to no juniper character.

“Since then, the support we have had from other distillers, commentators, enthusiasts and trade has been overwhelming.

“There is broad agreement that gin needs to be better protected but there are many differing views on the form that such protection should take.

“Our aim with this series of ‘Gin Debates’ is to bring the many voices together to share views on the topic and establish the common ground needed for meaningful industry-wide action to take place.”

While the day will be hosted by the Hayman family at the distillery, discussions will be moderated by a “neutral third party” to ensure all vies on the issue are given equal weighting.

Guest speakers will be invited to share relevant experience from other areas of the drinks industry.

Anyone keen to take part in the debate should email distillers@hayman.co.uk to book a place. The debate will run from 10am-4pm and is free to attend, but ticketed due to safety reasons.

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