Black Button Distilling to create own smallholding

14th May, 2018 by Owen Bellwood

Black Button Distilling has launched a crowdfunding campaign to create a smallholding where it will grow produce such as juniper berries and American white oak for its own spirits production.

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Black Button Distilling hopes to grow juniper and American white oak on its new site

The Rochester-based distillery intends to open the Black Button Farm & Forestry on a 19-acre site in New York.

Black Button Distilling has launched a crowdfunding campaign to support construction, which will include planting herb gardens and constructing bee hives to make honey.

The brand’s Kickstarter campaign hopes to raise US$44,000 to help purchase the root stock, saplings, tools and equipment needed to maintain Black Button Farm & Forestry.

Contributors will be able to claim rewards such as buying a used Bourbon barrel, hosting a barbecue at the site once it opens and sponsoring a beehive.

Jason Barrett, Black Button Distilling president and head distiller, said: “Whiskey making takes patience, years of training, hard work and a bit of luck.

“So does farming, and by growing our own ingredients we ensure a constant supply of the highest quality ingredients to make the finest spirits in western NY.

“As we grow this farm to its full potential, our spirits will become ever more engrained in the place where we make them. And that is the true definition of Black Button farm distilling.”


Last year, Black Button Distilling unveiled its Barrel Reserve Citrus Forward Gin, a limited-edition spirit that it describes as “half gin, half whiskey”.

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