Asia Pacific travellers most satisfied with GTR

30th May, 2018 by Owen Bellwood

Research carried out on behalf of the Duty Free World Council found that travellers in Asia Pacific were most satisfied with what travel retail has to offer.

The Duty Free World Council has released its latest KPI Monitor, which measures traveller satisfaction

In the latest KPI Monitor, which tracks global passenger satisfaction within the market, the region scored 67% in traveller satisfaction, four points higher than the global average.

The study, carried out by research agency m1nd-set, found the average score dipped to 63% in the first quarter of 2018 due to declining scores in select markets in Europe and South America.

In terms of year-on-year growth in customer satisfaction, Asia Pacific once again came out on top. Growth in the region reached 9%, while in Africa satisfaction grew by 8%.

Both North and Latin American traffic grew by 7% during the first quarter while the Middle East showed the least dynamic growth with just a 2% increase.

As well as finding the level of customer satisfaction, the KPI Monitor also highlighted the key satisfaction drivers across the GTR sector.

It found that 32% of shoppers saw travel retail as a “a place to try and buy new products”, and also saw an increase in the number of travellers who saw GTR as a place to have “truly different experiences”.

The study also found that the perception that duty free prices are cheaper has fallen to below 25%, a cause for concern for the industry as “value for money is the number one aspect for passenger satisfaction with the duty free shopping experience”.

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