The history behind Legend of Kremlin vodka

25th April, 2018 by admin
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According to legend, in around the year 1430, a Russian Orthodox monk named Isidore from the Chudov Monastery in Moscow Kremlin discovered the first recipe for Russian vodka.

Known as ‘bread wine’, Isidore’s precious creation was, for a long time, produced exclusively in the Grand Duchy of Moscow for members of the church and Russian royals.

Today, the legend lives on in the form of Russia’s most luxurious pure grain vodka. Produced with natural winter wheat spirit and combined with soft spring water from the distillery’s own artesian well, Legend of Kremlin is one of the few Russian vodkas still made in traditional copper vats.

The brand’s superior purity is achieved through a five-­part distillation process using coconut charcoal with platinum, marble sand and birch-coal filtration.

As a group of professional UK judges has described, its notes are “clear with light peppery aromas” with a dry medium to full body on the palate and additional “creamy with toasty grain cereal” flavours.

Expanding rapidly into international markets, Legend of Kremlin is currently found in several of the world’s luxury shops and most prominent bars and restaurants.

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