Jake’s Bar responds to ‘discrimination’ claim

12th April, 2018 by Amy Hopkins

Jake’s Bar & Still Room in Leeds has stressed that it welcomes guests of “all sexual orientations, races, genders, religions and cultures” after one man claimed he was turned away because he was not “in a mixed sex couple”.

Jake’s Bar says that a guest’s sexual orientation is not a “determining factor” for entry

The man, Jake Archer, spoke to the BBC after writing a review on Facebook saying he and his boyfriend were not permitted entry by door staff.

“If I was with a girlfriend this would have been fine as you were only allowing mixed male and female groups in,” he wrote on Jake’s Bar’s Facebook page. “Seems a strange door policy when you are literally next door to the gay scene…”

Jake’s Bar & Still Room is one of the best-known cocktail bars in Leeds, UK, and was founded by the team behind Portobello Road Gin, including Ged Feltham, Jake Burger and Paul Lane.

The bar said it is looking into the situation and Paul Lane, director of Jake’s Bar, issued the following statement:

“A diverse and mixed crowd is fundamental to creating a great atmosphere in any bar, which is why it is our policy to welcome customers of all sexual orientation, races, genders, religions and cultures.

“We have been operating for 12 years and have many regular customers who identify with LGBTQIA+ communities and they are always welcomed with the same level of excellent and open customer service that we always strive for.

“Our door team’s number one priority at all times is to create a safe environment for all our patrons and a guest’s sexual orientation would never and has never been a determining factor as to whether they would be permitted entry into the bar.

“Like most venues in Leeds, our door team is provided by an external supplier and we have launched an investigation into what happened on the night with the external door team.

“As soon as we became aware of the situation we privately reached out to the individuals who made the complaint to fully resolve this matter.”

The Spirits Business has asked Jake’s Bar whether it turns people away based on their gender in order to have a more equal split between male and female patrons, and is awaiting a response.

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