Belvedere names Grain to Glass competition winners

13th April, 2018 by Melita Kiely

Polish vodka brand Belvedere has crowned two joint winners in its inaugural cocktail competition, called Grain to Glass.


Joe Hall of Satan’s Whiskers with his winning cocktail

Designed to highlight the brand’s “all-Polish” roots, the competition challenged nine London bars to create a Belvedere cocktail and its vessel.

Judging took place on 10 April when each cocktail was scored on aesthetic, taste and sales of the serve, which were made available to purchase at each respective venue.


Richie Hunt of The Mint Gun Club’s winning entry

Joe Hall from Satan’s Whiskers and Richie Hunt from the Mint Gun Club were chosen as the 2018 winners.

Other competitors included: Davide Arcucci from Quaglinos; Sergio Leanza from Nine Lives; Dan Priseman from Stillwater; Samet Ali from Nightjar; Kelley Hill from Reverend JW Simpson; Christopher Stock from Rumpus Rooms; and Enza de Luca from Oriole.

Mark Tracey, Belvedere brand ambassador, commented: “We wanted to give the opportunity to the bars to enjoy the pride of owning the same process by allowing them to start their own grain to glass journey.

“It’s inspiring to see how different each bartender’s designs have been.”

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