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21st March, 2018 by admin

Spain’s capital, Madrid, is the jewel in the country’s nightlife scene, with bars to suit all tastes. James Lawrence stays up late – very late – to experience what the city has to offer the discerning drinker.

*This feature was originally published in the November 2017 issue of The Spirits Business

Catalans would probably disagree, but for world-­class nightlife – both raucous and sophisticated – there is no finer destination in Spain than Madrid. Its inhabitants, the Madrileños, may be a diverse bunch, but they all share a love of partying. As such, the city has the highest concentration of bars per capita in Europe. Indeed, the country’s most famous attraction could simply be its sociability and infectious sense of joie de vivre. Spain, and in particular Madrid, is where going to bed early really is a complete waste of time.

However, enjoyment of Madrid’s nightlife options does require a major adjustment to your normal timetable – in the summer, friends and families will often not sit down for dinner until as late as midnight, with most nightclubs devoid of life until 3am. Discerning barflies are also sipping cocktails until the wee hours in one of the city’s many rooftop bars. Enjoying a few drinks alfresco is all the rage in Madrid at the moment, with a plethora of new venues opening all the time. But perhaps the most endearing feature of Madrid’s nightlife is its sheer diversity; enjoy a pre-­dinner cocktail at one of the city’s upscale venues in Barrio de Salamanca or head to La Latina and Malasaña for a grungier, hipster vibe. The city’s bars run the whole gamut, from wood­-panelled wine cellars and smoky student haunts to hole-­in-­the wall venues that have been open for decades and trendy designer places that only permit the beautiful set.

Friday and Saturday nights are, of course, the best times to soak up Madrid’s beguiling night­time atmosphere, but midweek visitors won’t miss out – Madrid’s nightlife literally never stops.

From Monday to Sunday, you can go out until the early hours of the morning and end up eating churros with chocolate for breakfast in any café, along with taxi drivers starting their shift. Madrid rarely takes the night off.

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