The top 10 best value for money rums

7th March, 2018 by Nicola Carruthers

From overproof rum to aged agricole, neither choice nor quality are in short supply in the world’s third-largest spirit category. But which bottles are the best value for money?

SB presents the 10 best value for money rums on the market

SB presents the 10 best value for money rums on the market

The Spirits Business held its annual Rum Masters last month, where an experienced panel of judges uncovered some of the category’s best expressions available on the global market.

Looking across multiple categories, from Overproof to Premium, Flavoured to Agricole, with expressions from producers of all scales, the competition saw a number of rum brands awarded medals for their superior quality.

While the individual scores of each entrant are not disclosed, these are 10 of the highest ranking Master medalists recognised in the competition, listed in no particular order.

These bottlings are not particularly cheap, but have been judged to offer excellent quality for consumers within their respective categories.

Click through the following pages to view the top 10 best value for money rums of 2018.

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