Q Drinks launches bartender exchange programme

21st March, 2018 by Melita Kiely

Carbonated mixer producer Q Drinks has created an exclusive exchange programme where bartenders can experience what living and working is like for their peers in different cities.


The Highball’r programme will run until Bar Convent Brooklyn in June

The Highball’r initiative aims to give bartenders a “hyper-local, day-in-the-life” experience of a bartender in a host city.

Bars taking part in the programme include Herbs & Rye in Las Vegas, Fukushu Restaurant Group in Tucson, the Bottle Cap Group in Charlotte, Bottle & Barlow in Sacramento and Mandarin Hide in Tampa.

Each two-day event will include a day of exploring the host city as a local, plus a one-night guest shift at the host bar.

The initiative will conclude at Bar Convent Brooklyn from 11-13 June.

Jaron Berkhemer, Q Drinks vice president of marketing, said: “With Highball’r, we’re engaging the trade and celebrating the sense of camaraderie in our industry by giving our hosts a chance to show off a bit.

“Bartenders experience their home cities very differently than even other locals and one could make the argument that nobody knows a city better than its bartenders.

“Also – we highlight the beauty of simple drinks done very well. With Q, a simple Highball cocktail becomes an elevated experience and we are inviting likeminded people around the country to experience this first hand.”

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