Havana Club unveils whisky cask-finished rum

1st March, 2018 by Nicola Carruthers

Pernod Ricard has released the third instalment in its limited-edition Havana Club Tributo Collection – a rum finished in smoky whisky casks.

Havana Club Tributo 2018 is the third instalment in the series

Havana Club Tributo 2018 is the third instalment in the series

Havana Club Tributo 2018 is the third expression in a series of annual releases that pay tribute to the different elements of the Cuban rum production process.

The 2018 edition has been crafted from blended rums drawn from 60-year-old casks and part-finished in barrels that had previously held smoky malts.

The result is a rum with a “subtle yet distinctive smoky note” due to the combination of casks.

Havana Club Tributo 2018 is presented in a wooden box, crafted from white wood to reinforce the role of the oak in this year’s rum.

The new expression was launched at the Cigar Habanos Festival in Cuba this week, with a limited allocation of 2,500 bottles globally.

Asbel Morales, Havana Club’s maestro del Ron Cubano, said: “The Tributo 2018 edition is a testament to the craftsmanship at Havana Club distillery, and we celebrate the expertise and passion of everyone who carefully monitored every stage of the distillation, maturation and blending process.”

Nick Blacknell, global marketing director at Havana Club International, added: “We are confident that Tributo 2018 will appeal to whisky and rum connoisseurs alike looking for high quality and authentic drinking experiences”.

The release follows the 2017 edition of the Havana Club Tributo Collection, which was created from a blend of hand-selected base rums and a decades-old ‘aguardiente’.

Bottled at 40% abv, Havana Club Tributo 2018 is available in 21 markets for an RRP of €400 (US$487) per 700ml bottle.

2 Responses to “Havana Club unveils whisky cask-finished rum”

  1. Matthew Rinaldi says:

    I have yet to see any comment on the experience of drinking this rum, but I would like to comment on the packaging. The original Tributo 2016 first came in a hard beautiful tube, much like Havana Club 15 anos, then switched to a cheaper cardboard box. The 2017 always came in a cardboard box, and I was able to buy some in Cuba for 350. Now, the 2018 comes in a presentation wooden box and the price is increased to 400. Why? Let’s be real. Most Cubans would consider 400 to be a small fortune. This rum is for tourists, so the goal must be simply to sell to people who will fly home with the product. With weight and size limits for airplane luggage, why make it difficult to fly home with more than one bottle? The emphasis should be on making the product available, not on charging an extra 50 for the box. Put the emphasis on what is in the bottle, not how the bottle is packaged. This price is too high.

  2. Matthew Rinaldi says:

    I’m back from Cuba, and can say that the 2018 Tributo rum was spectacular. Great aroma, deep sensation of dark oak rum, slight whisky finish. Truly unique. Not as great as the 2016, in my opinion, but better than the 2017, all of which are very high quality rums.
    But the very heavy fancy wooden box? Well made, but useless. This is not a museum piece, this is rum to be consumed. Too heavy for my luggage and, what is the point, so I left it behind. In the end you just have a nice box with an empty bottle.
    But the rum is great.

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