Compass Box celebrates women with limited-edition blend

8th March, 2018 by Nicola Carruthers

Independent whisky blender and bottler Compass Box has released a new limited-edition expression to celebrate the growing number of women at the company.

Hedonism, The Muse has been created to celebrate the greater proportion of women at the company

Limited to 3,060 bottles, Hedonism, The Muse, is inspired by the woman featured on the label of the company’s first ever bottling nearly two decades ago. The whisky marks the first time that the company has had a greater proportion of women than men in the team.

The expression is made from a cask of aged grain whisky that has flavours of “honey, vanilla and pastry cream.” It is then blended with grain whiskies of varying ages from four distilleries.

“The Muse builds on an already beautiful concept which showcases how delicious grain whiskies can be,” said whisky maker Jill Boyd.

“When searching for the perfect parcels for this blend, we looked for grain whiskies with complementary flavours and styles that would build upon the bold, rich flavours of The Muse cask while creating an evolved character with more spiciness, ripe red fruits and a greater concentration of honey and vanilla cream flavours.”

Boyd is the first female whisky maker to join the team and only the second to assist founder John Glaser in the blending room.

Glaser said: “Women now make up the majority of our team here at Compass Box, which is unusual in our industry.

“So we decided it was time to celebrate this with a special limited-edition Hedonism bottling that reimagines the image of the woman portrayed at the centre of all our Hedonism labels. She was the first woman, as far as we know, ever to feature on a Scotch whisky label.

He continued: “I find it heartening that interest in whisky has only increased among women since I started our company 17 years ago.

“Nowhere is this more evident than through the make-up of our team at Compass Box today and this diversity of perspective makes us, I believe, a better business.”

Bottled at 53.3% abv – equalling the percentage of women in the Compass Box business – Hedonism, The Muse is available in select specialty retailers from £240 (US$275).

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