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14th February, 2018 by admin

It may have a staid reputation for coffee and cake, but Austria’s capital offers the discerning drinker a whole host of exciting choices, writes James Lawrence.

SB names the top five bars in Vienna, Austria

SB names the top five bars in Vienna, Austria

It’s early evening, and the Altstadt (old town) buzzes with the sound of boisterous revellers sipping Aperol Spritz and Grüner Veltliner from local vineyards. The atmosphere is lively and welcoming; the setting similarly perfect – neoclassical architecture and stately palaces serve as the ostentatious backdrop to a rapidly escalating party. Meanwhile, café owners clear away their tables after dusk to make way for guest DJs and a thumping soundtrack – an example of the stark contrasts inherent to life in this beguiling city.

This is Vienna, a destination more famous for its waltzes and smoke-­aged coffee houses than world-­class nightlife. Yet this often-misunderstood city has much to offer in terms of after-­hours fun, especially if your idea of a good time is bespoke cocktails, backstreet speakeasy bars, and electronic music. Indeed Vienna’s club and techno scene is increasingly forging an international reputation, and with good reason. The parties range from the chic to the underground, while clubs such as Flex have already attained cult status – hardly what visitors expect from a city that gave us Mozart and Sachertorte.

To get the most out of Vienna’s diverse nightlife you need to keep an open mind and remember that first impressions can be deceptive. Take Café Drechsler, for example, one of Vienna’s seemingly sedate old cafés that transforms into a miniature club venue at weekends. It’s just one of the many surprises in store – clubs and live music venues can be found in all sorts of unlikely locations in Vienna, from boats moored on the Danube, to disused subways and a former sauna. There are also plenty of easy­-to-­spot cafés and bars that line the streets of the Altstadt, while clubbers should head to the arches of the former Stadtbahn railway along the Gürtel, or in warmer months the Danube Canal, which is full of beach bars in the summer. Night owls also make their rounds on the Ringstrasse: at the legendary Volksgarten disco, the nights are long and the morning headaches obligatory.

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