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8th February, 2018 by admin

Dubrovnik may be overrun with cruise passengers by day, but when night falls and the hordes leave, the city’s bars and clubs come alive. By James Lawrence.

SB names the top five bars to visits in Dubrovnik

SB names the top five bars to visits in Dubrovnik

There are many contestants for the title of Croatia’s most beautiful city, but, in my opinion, Dubrovnik is strides ahead of the rest. The city’s cobbled limestone streets, gorgeous baroque buildings and the endless shimmer of the Adriatic are guaranteed to win over even the most jaded of travellers.

But if Dubrovnik does have a downside, then it’s the gargantuan cruise ships that overshadow the old town on a daily basis in the summer season. Thankfully, they usually pack up and leave by dusk, allowing locals and more permanent visitors to enjoy Dubrovnik’s eclectic and lively bar scene in peace. In winter the city may appear a little on the sleepy side, however, Dubrovnik’s bartenders wake up with a vengeance come summer, often armed with expertise gained from a stint or two abroad.

Indeed, for a relatively small city, Dubrovnik’s nightlife is remarkably diverse and globalised, covering every possible contingent – from deluxe venues hosting world­-renowned DJs to traditional watering holes and even bars set inside natural caves. Moreover, the city makes spectacular use of its enviable position overlooking the Adriatic and boasts some of Europe’s most glamorous beach­front destinations with views to die for. A clubby atmosphere, chic clientele, bespoke cocktails on tap – you could easily be in Ibiza, minus the high prices and overbearing crowds.

Yet locals will always insist that Dubrovnik’s old town is the place to go for an authentic and memorable night out. By day it’s the ideal spot to grab a mocha or fine glass of wine; by night the old town’s atmospheric streets buzz with the sound of revellers partying until dawn in its numerous bars, live-­music venues and al fresco cafés. The district’s main thoroughfare – Stradun – and its interconnecting and surrounding streets are the hub of the action, but a good time can be found all over the picturesque old town. The only real problem is knowing where to start.

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