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21st February, 2018 by admin

There’s more to Cannes than the film festival. The town boasts inspiring bartenders creating exciting cocktails on and off the Croisette, writes James Lawrence.

SB names the top five bars in Cannes, France

SB names the top five bars in Cannes, France

The glamorous allure of the French Riviera described in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender Is The Night still rings true today – and nowhere more so than in the iconic resort town of Cannes. It remains the leading supermodel on a busy catwalk: always on show but still managing to retain its sense of individuality and style.

Yet globe­trotting bartenders often dismiss Cannes as a one-­trick pony, full of the bronzed and botoxed queuing up outside remarkably expensive clubs, desperate to catch a glimpse of their favourite celebrity. But that’s an obligatory part of the Côte d’Azur package, particularly during festival time, when the exclusivity dial cranks up a notch and the best A­-list parties take place at inland country houses. Nevertheless, for discerning sybarites, Cannes offers far more than tacky clubs, you just need to leave the Boulevard de la Croisette behind (although several excellent cocktails bars are situated on this iconic street).

For a more low­-key experience, head slightly inland to Rue Marceau and Rue du Suquet, where a collection of inviting wine bars, such as Le Bar à Vin, can be found. Boasting tables made from old barrels, friendly service and local wines by the glass, it’s an intimate space that feels a million miles away from the chaos of the film festival.

Rue Saint-­Antoine is another popular spot, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, when the Auberge Provençale da Bouttau transforms into the Cotton Club, a fantastic live­-music venue that offers the best jazz in Cannes. There’s even a growing collection of Irish pubs – Morrisons, one of the first such venues to open, is still the best, and boasts an affable army of bilingual staff. Pretension is outlawed and fun is obligatory.

Ultimately, though, most visitors head to Cannes to sip cocktails in chic surroundings, preferably to the soothing sound of a resident pianist. Thankfully, the Côte d’Azur rarely disappoints; you’re spoilt for choice in the Boulevard de la Croisette, where every five-­star hotel boasts an excellent cocktail bar. However, it’s not all about appearances and overpriced drinks – Cannes’ younger bartenders are as passionate and skilled as their counterparts in Paris, with an increasing emphasis on natural ingredients and aromatics. That said, prices are always ambitious in Cannes – and if you’re counting the euros, you’re in the wrong place.

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