Tanqueray updates design of Rangpur

12th February, 2018 by Owen Bellwood

Gin brand Tanqueray has refreshed the design of its Rangpur expression, which is set to launch in Brazil and Australia.

The new bottle design features the signature of the brand’s founder, Charles Tanqueray

The new design highlights Rangpur’s citrus flavours and history, featuring citrus imagery and a Raj-inspired border, designed to tell a visual story of the expression’s signature ingredient, Rangpur limes.

For the first time, the bottle’s label also features the signature of the brand’s founder, Charles Tanqueray.

As well as unveiling the new design, brand owner Diageo has also announced that Tanqueray Rangpur will be launching in four new international markets.

The expression will be available in Brazil, Australia, Columbia and Greece, where the newly designed bottles will launch this year.

Tanqueray global marketing manager, Joanna Segesser, said: “It’s an extremely exciting time for gin. It’s a category which is growing at a phenomenal rate with Tanqueray at the forefront. This is the reason why we are refreshing the look and extending the reach of Tanqueray Rangpur into new countries.

“Like our founder, who searched the globe for the perfect ingredients, we believe that ‘it’s what you put in’ that matters and Tanqueray Rangpur is no different.”

Rangpur takes its name from the Rangpur lime, a hybrid between a mandarin orange and lemon. This key botanical gives the expression ”the zestiness of lime and the juiciness of mandarin orange”.

Tanqueray Rangpur is bottled at 41.3% abv and is available for £28 (US$38) per 70cl bottle.

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  1. Norman Carter says:

    For the past year or so, Tanqueray Rangpur has been my favorite for gin and tonic. However, with the release of the new (clear) bottles, they have obviously changed the formulation but not the name, and the new version is a huge step down in taste. Watery and harsh. I happened to have a partial bottle (dark green) from before the switch and my son and I both did a comparison between the old and new. Both of us agreed, the new stuff is just not palatable. Oh well, time for a new favorite. BTW, I found that contacting Tanqueray on their website is not possible. No “contact us” link. So, I guess they don’t want to hear what they already know. Too bad.

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