Jose Cuervo appoints UK’s first ‘salt sommelier’

20th February, 2018 by Amy Hopkins

Tequila brand Jose Cuervo has appointed its first ‘salt sommelier’ for the UK market ahead of National Margarita Day on 22 February.

Max Venning Jose Cuervo salt sommelier

Max Venning is the UK’s first ‘salt sommelier’

Bartender and drinks consultant Max Venning was tasked with finding the ‘finest salts’ across the nation to create three Jose Cuervo Tradicional-based Margarita cocktails.

He sought to understand how different regional varieties of salt impact the flavour of Cuervo Margaritas, travelling to the British salt hubs of Anglesey, Isle of Skye and Maldon.

“A lot of people don’t realise the versatility salt can have in enhancing recipes and bringing out the subtlest of flavours,” said Venning. “As the UK’s founding salt sommelier, it’s my mission to change this and to travel the nation to create the best tasting Margarita with a perfectly paired salt.”

Venning found that The Classic Cuervo Margarita is best paired with the salts of Halen Mon in Anglesey, Wales; The Cuervo Nettle Margarita suits salts from the Isle of Skye, Scotland; and The Cuervo Passion Fruit Margarita partners well with Maldon salt, from Essex.

The video below shows Venning on his salt journey.

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  1. Kent Griffith says:

    Well, this is something new to me, I never thought about the salt I was using, but I would appreciate a blind taste test to see if this was real or hype.

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