Top 5 bars in… Seattle

31st January, 2018 by admin


1118 E Pike Street

Everything about this quirky bar screams kitsch: rampant stripes, salvaged carousel panels, arcade games and a menagerie of taxidermy may be intimidating for some punters. But they should stick around to sample the first­-rate food and cocktails. Excellently concocted Manhattans, Mimosas and Daiquiris serve as the ideal foil to Unicorn’s selection of deep-­fried delicacies, including corn dogs, mac and cheese and tater tots.

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  1. RobZ says:

    I wish Seattle had more of the cited but now almost apocryphal “holes-in-the-wall” dive bars. Nothing against the bars mentioned here (I’ve spent good times in some of them), but for those seeking less refined pleasures, I recommend The Blue Moon, Mecca, and The Ebb Tide Room.

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