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31st January, 2018 by admin

The city that made its name with grunge offers a mix of dives, speakeasies and sophisticated cocktail bars, all with a focus on local products. By James Lawrence.

SB names the top 5 bars in Seattle

SB names the top 5 bars in Seattle

‘Eclectic’ may be one of the most commonly overused words by eager PRs, but it does ring true for Seattle, a city that gave us Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, and the iconic grunge scene of the 1990s. From sophisticated cocktail spots and kitsch hipster venues to hard­-partying clubs and dive bars, Seattle’s nightlife is nothing if not diverse.

But this is just the beginning: Seattle is a city obsessed with great music, and despite some stiff competition, it still boasts the most dynamic live music scene in the US – punk rock, country and western, blues, and indie all compete for your attention as the sun sets.

Meanwhile, party animals who recoil at the thought of chic interiors will love the city’s numerous dive bars. These are miniature venues where loud tunes, hard booze, and a laid back attitude is de rigueur. The best of this grungy firmament is Eastlake Zoo Tavern, a local dive in the truest sense, with paraphernalia by the bucketload.

Nevertheless, Seattle does not shy away from offering its citizens a more sophisticated evening. Atmospheric speakeasy bars with discreet entrances and designer cocktails are all the rage, but you need to know where to find them as most reside in unmarked buildings.

Researching your neighbourhood is, therefore, the key to a great evening out in Seattle. Pioneer Square is full of neon lights and rowdy crowds in a poor attempt to emulate Las Vegas, while Belltown, north of Pike Place Market, is a completely different world, full of hipsters and high-­end clubs.

The most luxurious venues, meanwhile, can generally be found in Capitol Hill, which exemplifies a stark contrast to the former Scandinavian neighbourhood of Ballard, where low­key, friendly taverns and local beers are what draw the crowds.

So whether you seek the salubrious or the sedate, cutting­-edge design or hipster grunge, you’re bound to find it in this diverse Pacific-coast metropolis.

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  1. RobZ says:

    I wish Seattle had more of the cited but now almost apocryphal “holes-in-the-wall” dive bars. Nothing against the bars mentioned here (I’ve spent good times in some of them), but for those seeking less refined pleasures, I recommend The Blue Moon, Mecca, and The Ebb Tide Room.

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