The cocktail trends to watch in 2018

8th January, 2018 by admin

2017’s bar world was marked by a focus on sustainability and provenance. But what is in store over the next 12 months? Tyler Wetherall asks industry experts for their predictions.

While fads whip around the world at dizzying speeds, propelled by Instagram and Snapchat, trends are decidedly less fleeting. In this forecast, we have taken a reading of the climate of today’s bar culture to ask which cocktail trends consumers will gravitate towards in 2018.

After speaking to a selection of experts, one element that stood out is a greater degree of thoughtfulness and purpose within the industry. This introspection might be expressed as an increased awareness of the provenance of ingredients, or a careful reconsideration of the role of the bartender in society, but it alludes to an awakened sense of responsibility across the board.

In counterpoint to this is a pervasive sense of playfulness and a search for novelty, as well as, according to Ryan Chetiyawardana’s annual prediction, “bananas, obvs”.

Click through the following pages to discover the cocktail trends to watch in 2018. Have your own predictions? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Look forward to exploring some of these this year.

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