Tax Free World Association reshuffles management team

18th January, 2018 by Owen Bellwood

The Tax Free World Association (TFWA) has made a number of changes to its team in Paris, hoping to strengthen its services for members.

Myriem Chalabi has been appointed to the role of exhibitions director

As part of the changes, Myriem Chalabi has been appointed to the role of exhibitions director and Ana Homawoo has been named IT and technical director.

Chalabi joined TFWA in 2009 and has held a number of positions within the association’s marketing and exhibitions departments, most recently acting as customer engagement manager.

Chalabi will now be responsible for the organisation of the TFWA World and Asia Pacific Exhibitions, held in Cannes and Singapore.

TFWA president, Erik Juul-Mortensen, said: “Throughout her time with TFWA, Myriem has demonstrated her considerable organisational skills and determination to offer visitors to our events the best possible service.

“Her principal task, supported by an experienced and knowledgeable team, will be to constantly improve our two major exhibitions and ensure they offer value both to exhibitors and delegates.”

As IT and technical director, Homawoo will now be responsible for all technical issues relative to TFWA and its events.

Sylvie Guigue, TFWA’s finance director, has also taken on extra responsibility in human resources, with a particular focus on training.

Juul-Mortensen said: “Ana will help ensure that TFWA is positioned to adapt to a changing environment for event organisers, especially with regard to data protection and security. And Sylvie’s expanded role will enhance and facilitate the day-to-day running of the association.”

The TFWA Marketing department continues to be headed by marketing director Cécile Lamotte, while the association’s conferences are overseen by conference manager Michele Miranda and John Rimmer.

Last year, Juul-Mortensen was re-elected as president of the association, a role he has held since 1999.

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