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SB meets… Per Jacobsson, DQ Vodka

SB speaks to Per Jacobsson, CEO of Swedish vodka brand DQ, about his biggest achievements, growth opportunities and the company’s plans for the future.

Per Jacobsson, CEO of DQ Vodka

How do you like to drink vodka?

I prefer to drink DQ vodka as a shot, not too cold.

What is the story behind DQ vodka?

Our intention was to create “probably the smoothest vodka you ever taste”. Our clients are middle class and upper class who would like to show DQ Vodka in their bars at home or on the table in top bars, club and shops.

You’ve worked on other big brands including Stolichnaya, Absolut and Famous Grouse. What was it about working on the DQ vodka brand that appealed to you?

I have worked with Smirnoff, Stolichnaya, Legend of Kremlin (for Putin administration) Russian Standard Vodka (Roustam Tarikio asked for my approval before the release of his vodka which I said had a great name, great design and is a very good vodka). I also worked with vodka from Tatarstan and from Kazakhstan.

Sweden’s DQ Vodka

When I saw DQ I really liked the name, design of bottle and the Super Ultra High Premium vodka.

What do you foresee for the future of the vodka category?

I see a trend to more exclusive vodka brands.

What has been your biggest achievement?

I introduced Midori and in Sweden it became the second biggest market. Kronenbourg also became the biggest imported beer in Swedish restaurants.

We invented Galliano Hot Shots and increased sales from one case a year to one container a month so Galliano had to build a new factory thanks to Galliano Hot Shots sales worldwide.

In Russia, I built up Absolut vodka to be the second biggest market after the US.

What growth opportunities have you identified for the brand?

I have been in the company just 11 months and I see a great growth for DQ Vodka in traditional vodka countries.

Are there any new markets you would like to see DQ vodka enter?

China, India, Middle East and South Africa.

What is the next step for DQ Vodka? What are your plans for the future?

We will introduce 70cl bottles for the EU market as at the moment we only have 100cl bottles. We will introduce 75cl for other markets soon.

Also for our Gold bottle with winter wheat from a single-estate farm in Sweden.

We have also increased the production capacity in the factory so we are able to sell much more in the future.

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