Kentucky distillery to focus on Brazilian spirits

23rd January, 2018 by Melita Kiely

A new distillery is set to open in Kentucky this spring and will focus on producing Brazilian spirits rather than the region’s native Bourbon.


Ambrabev imports and distributes Boteco Vodka in the US

Ambrabev – which stands for American-Brazilian Beverage – was founded by CEO Zachary Baeker with help from his father, Dr Thomas Baeker, founder of Commonwealth Cancer Centers, and childhood friend Brian Snead.

The company started importing Esperito Cachaça and sugarcane-based Boteco Vodka to a warehouse in Nashville, before distributing to a broader US audience. Ambrabev now distributes in 14 states and the District of Columbia.

Now, the company is close to completing construction of a 10,000-square-foot distillery and warehouse in Danville, Kentucky, which is due to be finalised by spring 2018. The site will also feature a 4,000-square-foot tap room and gift shop.

The new facility will have room for warehouses and office space, as well as in-house bottling of imported cachaça and cane vodka, the barrel-ageing of cachaça, production of flavoured vodkas and distillation of additional spirits, such as gin made from sugarcane.

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