Bordeneuve Châteaux inks US distribution deal for Armagnac

9th January, 2018 by Owen Bellwood

Family-owned Armagnac producer Bordeneuve Châteaux has signed a deal with Biagio Cru to launch its products in the US.

The family-owned business will now distribute its products in 50 states

The deal between the two companies has been in the works since June last year and will see the Armagnac producer launch its range in 50 states.

As part of the new deal, Bordeneuve Châteaux, which carries out all stages of production by hand, will now launch its La Grande Josiane and Calvados Charles de Granville expressions in the US.

Jérôme Castledine, Bordeneuve Châteaux & Collections commercial director, said: “It is a source of pride, as our products have been selected from amongst numerous competitors.

“We have been working closely for the last few months with Biagio, attentive to their wishes and market requirements. In particular, we have re-designed the front and back labels for the products, so as to best adapt them to the North American market.”

Biagio Cru, a family-owned wine importer based in the state of New York, has recently branched out into spirits.

The company began importing Mezcal Ibá and is now developing its brandy portfolio with a variety of Armagnacs from across the region.

Last year, SB listed the brandy and Cognac brands to watch in 2018. 

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