Were these the biggest spirits trends of 2017?

28th December, 2017 by admin


martiniVeronika Karlova, founder, Girls Drink Vodka. –
“In the world of vodka distilling production we are experiencing a combination of the traditional distilling and innovative techniques. Due to growing consumer demands for local spirits and provenance we can expect the rise of craft and terroir-focused vodkas.

“Even the big vodka producers slowly turn their attention toward that end. A good example is Our/Vodka concept launched by Pernod Ricard. The idea of terroir is one borrowed from the world of fine wines. In terms of vodka it means: vodkas that reflect the influence of specific ingredients, waters and the influence of a sense of place  – Arbikie, Boyd & Blair, Adnams Vodka.

“Pioneering in the ‘vintage vodka industry’ are brands like Vestal and Karlsson’s Vodka. It is hard to imagine what age does to vodka – such a clean and filtered spirit, but its profile intensifies and becomes richer with age. Potato-based vodkas seem to age best. We will definitely hear more about ‘vintage’ vodka category in 2017.”

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