The vodka brands to watch in 2018

12th December, 2017 by Amy Hopkins

Echo Falls

Famed for its presence in the mainstream wine category, Echo Falls made its foray into vodka with the launch of its Fruit Fusions range last month. Initially launched in the UK with a £5m (US$6.6m) investment package, the brand will be advertised “in a large­-scale way”. Will it make as much of a splash in the spirits world as in the wine arena? It remains to be seen.

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  1. Giancarlo says:

    I think your source from Euromonitor (Jeremy Cunnington) needs to get out from behind his desk and get to know better the products/categories he represents.
    After a comparative vodka tasting, he would find that calling it “tasteless” is not only unsuitable, but he may realise he is belittling and offending the whole category.

    Also you talk about “craft” vodkas, yet you suggest Deep Eddy and Echo Falls as two of your three “brands to watch”!
    Is this article a joke?

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