Study encourages spirits brands to target UK millennials

14th December, 2017 by Melita Kiely

Spirits producers should target millennial drinkers in the UK as they are less likely to change their consumption habits compared to those in other countries, a study suggests.


Spirits producers should target UK millennials over other countries, study suggests

Although UK millennials are drinking less than their parents’ generation, results from GlobalData’s 2017 Q1 survey shows they are creatures of habit when it comes to alcohol consumption – more so than millennials elsewhere in the world.

However, ONS (Office of National Statistics) figures also showed that while consumption in the UK is down, young British consumers are still the most likely age group to binge drink.

Aleksandrina Yotova, consumer analyst at GlobalData, said: “While a number of trends point towards declining drinking, young British consumers are still the most likely age group to binge drink, according to ONS data.

“Millennials are money conscious and place a greater emphasis on health, opting for organic food and time at the gym. Many also think that alcohol is not necessary to encourage socialising and having fun.

“Sober dance parties emerged as a new clubbing form about three years ago in the UK and US. However, these parties remain a niche, if interesting, trend.”

The data also revealed that only 14% of 25-34-year-old consumers in the UK would purchase less alcohol in future if there were “significant” political or economic changes, compared to 33% globally.

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  1. They are the future consumer.

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