Spirits among 2017’s fastest-growing groceries

15th December, 2017 by Nicola Carruthers

Spirits have topped the list of 2017’s fastest-growing groceries in the UK, bolstered by the trend of at-home consumption, according to a recent study by analyst Nielsen.

Alcohol display shop supermarket

Spirits tops the list of fastest-growing groceries in 2017

Sales of spirits rose by 3.8% to £152.3 million, according to Nielsen’s annual analysis of till sales at supermarkets and convenience stores.

Spirits came second, just after fruit, which shoppers spent £176.4 million on, while in fourth place was sparkling wine at £80.3 million. Ale and stout claimed the sixth spot at £40.6 million.

Despite rising prices, shoppers still want to treat themselves with good quality and healthier food but also indulging and enjoying oneself by drinking and dining more at home, particularly if households look to cut costs by not going out as much,” said Ian Mansley, Nielsen’s head of grocery analytics.

The report also said that an “uncertain and turbulent” year has also impacted grocery-shopping habits. Brands such as Fever-Tree and Brewdog “show consumers want something different and exciting that meets their changing tastes and lifestyle”.

Data from Nielsen CGA in August this year showed that off-trade alcohol sales are decelerating due to economic factors and the influence of e-commerce.

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