SB names winner of Wenneker Swizzle Masters 2017

21st December, 2017 by Owen Bellwood

Over the past 12 months, Swizzlers have submitted their best twists on classic cocktails to earn a place in this year’s final of the Wenneker Swizzle Masters – but there could only be one winner.

The Wenneker Swizzle Masters 2017 has seen bartenders from around the world submit their interpretations of the Rum Punch, Breakfast Martini and Blood and Sand serves, with the 10 best drinks, including one wildcard entry, making it into grand final.

The 2017 Wenneker Swizzle Masters finalists included: Defroster by Ivica Mišić, Satama Punch by Trinh Quan Huy-Philip and Too Late by Carmen Iannuzziello from the Rum Punch round; Rise and Shine by Elliot Barker, Perfect Day by Jose Hau and Badger’s Breakfast by Jimmy Rhodes in Breakfast Martini; Wish and Craving by Roger Javier Guevara Talavera, Gallardo by Joshua Powell and Bitter Sweet Shore by Solomon Sanderson in the Blood and Sand round.

The Blood Ballet by Pete Byron Jenkins, judged in the Blood and Sand round, was selected by The Spirits Business to take the wildcard space in the final.

Our judging panel was made up of Nikolai Clerc, beverage manager at Circus XO; Martina Calocero, bartender at The Lobby Bar at the London Edition; Dario Ciaramella, bar manager at Sumosan Twiga; Amy Hopkins, editor of The Spirits Business and Chloé Beral, events director at The Spirits Business and The Drinks Business.

The panel gathered at Circus XO in Mayfair, where bartender Alberto Sánchez Gomez (pictured above) recreated all 10 cocktails for our judges to rate and review.

It was a tightly fought competition, and the judges enjoyed the range of flavours used by each Swizzler, and applauded the creativity on display. However, there can only be one winner and it was decided that this year’s champion of the Wenneker Swizzle Masters 2017 is Jose Hau, creator of the Perfect Day cocktail.

Hau’s take on the Breakfast Martini combined Hendrick’s Gin with Wenneker Cinnamon Red, Campari, rose water, ginger marmalade and a dash of lemon. The judges loved the mix of flavours. Ciaramella said: “The cinnamon went really well with the Campari, creating a fantastic drink that showcased the flavour of the Wenneker the best.”

This feeling was echoed by Calocero, who said: “It all worked really well together, the Campari and the cinnamon, I liked it.” Beral added: “This is a very fun-looking cocktail. It’s got a lovely, balanced aroma and it has a nice bitterness from the Campari.”

Hopkins summed up the winning Perfect Day creation: “It has a very slick and colourful presentation. It was clever to balance sweet and savoury notes by using the rose and Campari ingredients – I think the flavours were very interesting and were well balanced.”

Making it into second place was Wish and Craving by Roger Javier Guevara Talavera. His interpretation of a Blood and Sand included Dewar’s 12 Year Old whisky, Wenneker Butterscotch, Wenneker Mango, cider, tamarind juice, chocolate bitters and egg white.

Clerc said of the creation: “This has a good, balanced aroma and palate. All the flavours come through well.” Hopkins added: “It has a very simple and elegant presentation; it’s very pleasing to look at.”

Rounding off the top three was Defroster by Ivica Mišić, whose warming take on a Rum Punch combined Bacardi Carta Negra with Hennessy XO, Wenneker Triple Sec, Wenneker Cinnamon Red, star anise, clove and raspberry, orange and lemon juice.

Beral championed the Defroster, saying: “This cocktail looks simple but it’s really good. It’s got a lovely aroma and the palate is very nice.” Ciaramella added: “It’s very aromatic and it smells a lot like mulled wine. It’s nice and easy to drink and enjoy.” The judges agreed that each of the top three showcased their chosen Wenneker flavours well.

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