Up-and-coming Scotch whisky makers

29th November, 2017 by admin

Aimée Gibson

Whisky specialist, Diageo

Aimée Gibson’s journey to becoming a blender started when she was baking alongside family members in a café when she was young. “It was here that I began learning about how flavours balanced and combined and where I developed an interest in flavour, an interest that continues to grow to this day,” she recalls.

While on placement, Gibson moved to Scotland to work as part of Diageo’s whisky specialist team. “I focused my energy on the impact of different cask types on the whisky maturing within. I then began to explore Scotland itself, and today I see whiskies and the regions they’re from as one entity, each a revealing expression of the other. It was through this placement that I then realised I wanted to become a blender.”

Gibson is one of 12 people on the blending team at Diageo, working with master blender Jim Beveridge every day to be as involved as possible in the whisky creation process. “To be successful in our day to day work we must all have technical capability and a great sensory aptitude,” she says.

When asked about the dozen blenders working with Beveridge, Gibson says: “Nobody knows who may follow in his footsteps, but right now, it’s just a privilege to be part of this close, tight-­knit team. We are all following in the footsteps of those before us; standing on the shoulders of giants and learning every step of the way.”

Gibson has already started to flex her innovative muscle by leading the creation of the Johnnie Walker Blenders’ Batch Wine Cask Blend edition – part of a series of limited­-edition whiskies that have been created “with bartenders in mind”.

“When I started with the whisky specialist team as a student many years ago, I would never have believed I would now be a blender in our team, working on new and unique projects such as Blenders’ Batch and other exciting experiments and innovations,” she says.

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