Top bars to visit in Africa and Middle East in 2018

16th November, 2017 by admin

Africa boasts a host of classy and creative bars, especially in South Africa, while the Middle East is similarly pushing the cocktail envelope. By James Lawrence.

Ray’s Bar in Abu Dhabi is among the top Africa and Middle East bars to visit in 2018

When Archbishop Desmond Tutu called South Africa the Rainbow Nation he described the very essence of what makes the entire African continent so extraordinary – its amazing diversity and optimism. Today, this is still evident throughout Africa, where massive global investment has given rise to unprecedented levels of economic growth and a burgeoning middle class who, like their Western counterparts, now wish to enjoy the finer things in life, whether it be consumer goods, haute cuisine, or simply a memorable night out.

Indeed, from Nairobi to Lagos, Africa is teeming with exciting new venues and investments, driven by younger people who have travelled and worked abroad and now seek to hone their expertise and talent back home. Nevertheless, South Africa, as a leading tourist destination, naturally has a major role to play in the continent’s development and is still one of the best places in Africa to go searching for world­-class nightlife.

Its numerous hotels and bars have all bases covered: from rustic to chic, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. But Cape Town’s hegemony is increasingly being challenged by fierce rival Johannesburg. Moreover, the benign climate also means that there are alfresco options a plenty, and it’s quite rare in South Africa to be forced to drink indoors.

Meanwhile, visitors to the Middle East, despite the theoretical confines of Islam, continue to marvel at the range and quality of options available, even in the infamously anti­-alcohol United Arab Emirates. Yet insiders point to an expanding bar scene in nations like Abu Dhabi, with molecular and savoury cocktails becoming ever more popular, in addition to ‘closed-­loop’ cocktails that are made with ingredients that traditionally people would throw away. This is just one example of the many surprises and contradictions inherent to this complex and endlessly fascinating part of the world.

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