Top Asia Pacific bars to visit in 2018

15th November, 2017 by admin

Quinary – Hong Kong

It’s hard to pass up a visit to Quinary if you’re seeking drinking glory in Hong Kong – a city littered with brilliant bars.

Quinary celebrated its fifth anniversary this year, and its sensory approach to crafting cocktails is still key. Food science is leaned on to meld together different ingredients, playing with perceptions of aroma and texture.

The mastermind behind this laboratory­-esque approach is Antonio Lai, one of Hong Kong’s most respected bartenders. Some of his signature concoctions, including the Quinary Bloody Mary and the popular Earl Grey Caviar Martini, continue to dazzle visitors.

But there’s plenty of encouragement for the bar’s up­-and-­coming-­talent, like Samuel Kwok, one of Quinary’s rising stars. This transference, along with a rich exchange with some of the world’s top bartenders and establishments, has seen Quinary remain at the top of its game.

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