Tippling Club creates ‘world’s first’ edible cocktail menu

21st November, 2017 by Amy Hopkins

Singapore’s Tippling Club has claimed to have launched the ‘world’s first’ edible cocktail menu – 12 gummy bears themed around dreams and desires.

Each gummy bear is paired with a liquid cocktail of the same name in Tippling Club’s new Dreams & Desires menu.

Following on from Tippling Club’s innovative Sensorium Menu, the new list has been curated by head bartender Joe Schofield and chef-owner Ryan Clift in collaboration with International Flavors and Frangrances Inc (IFF).

Each gummy bear and twin cocktail is named after a particular dream or desire and is infused with the associated flavours.

“With the first Sensorium Menu, we looked to the past – using relatable scents to trigger memories of yesteryear,” commented Schofield.

“This time round, we have our sights set on the future, by evoking our innermost dreams and desires through taste.

“The edible gummy bear menu, while deceptively simple, involved months of research and development with chef Ryan, myself, and the top flavourists at IFF, before we narrowed it down to 12 perfected flavour formulas that we felt best represent the dreams and desires we wanted to convey.”

The drinks, priced at S$24 (US$17) also feature edible garnishes that “bring together the best of bar and kitchen”.

Click through the following pages to discover the drinks that feature in Dreams & Desires.

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  1. Edible cocktails have been around for awhile in the terms of deconstructed desserts, edible sweets such as those by Smith and Sinclair, but the photographic images for this article are amazing.

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