Polish vodka museum to open in Warsaw

7th November, 2017 by Owen Bellwood

The Polish Vodka Association is set to celebrate the history of Polish vodka with the opening of a museum dedicated to the spirit in Warsaw.

The Polish Vodka Museum will celebrate the tradition and history of vodka in Poland.

The Polish Vodka Museum will open at the Warsaw Vodka Factory in the Praga-Północ district next year and will reflect Poland’s heritage as the traditional home of vodka. The factory comprises of a complex of neo-Gothic buildings which were once home to flagship Polish vodka brands Luksusowa and Wyborowa.

Part funded by the European Union, the museum will have five exhibition rooms to take visitors through the origins of Polish vodka and its distillation as well as the local cultures and customs associated with the spirit.

Andrzej Szumowski, president of the Polish Vodka Association, said: “We are very excited to share our love and passion for Polish vodka with the world and I am confident tourists in particular, will enjoy learning more about the spirit’s Polish origin and heritage.”

Visitors will also be treated to vodka tasting sessions where they will be taught how to recognise the specific flavours of Polish vodka.

The exhibition also details how the heritage and future of Polish vodka is protected by the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). To be classed as Polish vodka, the spirit must be made with traditional raw materials from the area, such as rye, wheat, barley, oats or potatoes and all stages of production, except bottling, must take place in Poland.

The museum will showcase the heritage of Polish vodka and aims to demonstrate the steps being taken to preserve and protect Polish vodka in the future.

Szumowski added: “For Poles, we are so proud of our vodka, it is the original and we believe the best vodka in the world. We are as proud of our national drink as the Scots are of whisky and the French of Cognac. However, unlike Cognac and whisky many people don’t know about the history of vodka and where it originates. By launching the Polish Vodka Museum, we hope to change this to ensure everyone knows more about vodka and what makes Polish vodka so special.”

According to a Kantar TNS survey, over 80% of British visitors to the area have already said they would like to visit the museum once it opens.

The Polish Vodka Museum will open in spring 2018.

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